General Surgery Residency Data Repository

Prepare PGY II CSV File

This gives you a quick description how to create the CSV file to use for the csv:create:Pgy2cases command
  1. Download the General Surgery Year 2 Minimum report here. Use the Excel format, pick the residents you are interested in and use the aggregate layout.
  2. Open the downloaded Excel file.
  3. "Unhide" and "unmerge" the whole worksheet.
  4. Delete all rows above the header row.
  5. Delete rows with content below the last row with case data.
  6. Delete the empty columns within the data and the 'Total' column (total numbers are calculated by the app).
  7. Fix the headers:
    • Change 'Category Minimums' to 'Resident'.
    • Remove the number '200' from 'Defined Category Procedures & Vascular Exposure Codes'.
    • Remove the number '0' from 'Additional Procedures'.
  8. Finally, save the worksheet as a plain csv file.
You are now ready to use this csv file for the csv:create:pgy2cases command.