General Surgery Residency Data Repository

Prepare Cases CSV File

This gives you a detailed description how to create the CSV file for the csv:create:caselogs command:
  1. Download the General Surgery Defined Category and Minimum report here. Use the Excel format, pick the residents you are interested in and use the aggregate layout.
  2. Open the downloaded Excel file. There will be multiple sheets that need to be combined into one. Add the case_log data of the residents from the other sheets to the first one, ignore the minimum column.
  3. Make sure you save the file repeatedly to avoid losing the progress you made.
  4. Delete all sheets except the first one.
  5. Unhide and unmerge the whole worksheet.
  6. Delete all rows above the header row.
  7. Delete the empty columns within the data. Some of them are tiny and hard to see. You can then check the column names to make sure no small empty columns remain.
  8. Now we need to transform the data to work with the app.
    • Select the whole dataset including headers and keys.
    • Copy the data.
    • Click on the first empty cell in the "A" column, right under the selected dataset.
    • Go under "Paste Special..." (little arrow on "Paste" tool in "Home" tab top left) and activate the checkbox "Transpose". This will switch Headers and Keys.
    • Delete the original dataset.
    • If the first row is very high, select the whole row, use the "Format -> Row -> AutoFit" menu to fix this.
  9. Finally, save the worksheet as a plain csv file.
You are now ready to use this csv file for the csv:create:case_log command.